1. Briefly explain the benefits of global marketing operations. Provide and example of a modern company in your answer. 2. A company has a choice of four different modes of foreign market entry. Briefly describe each of these modes. 3. Assume that you are a consultant for a telecom giant based in the United States that wishes to create a joint venture with a Japanese electronics company. The joint venture is expected to enter and compete in the Scandinavian market. Suggest an organizational structure that would be most suitable for this joint venture. Also, comment on why the structure might be a good one to use. 4. List out the five characteristics of an innovation that assist in determining the rate of acceptance or resistance of the market to a product. 5. Define a global brand. How important are global brands? Use a global brand as a basis for your answer. 6. Three factors affect the demand in international industrial markets differently than in consumer markets. What are these factors and why are they impactful? 7. Discuss the price-quality relationship. Provide an example from the international setting. 8. What has become the primary vehicle for doing business in many foreign countries? Explain and justify your answer. 9. Discuss the continuity problem associated with a channel of distribution. Provide an example from the international setting. 10. What are the various issues that must be taken into consideration by an e-vendor?