For this assignment, you will write a job application letter. 

Prepare a job application letter (also known as a cover letter) tailored to the job listing you selected in the résumé assignment.

  1. Your letter will be a solicited application letter. Study Figure 19.1 on page 553 in your textbook for a good example of a solicited application letter.
  2. Use the AIDA model to organize the content of your letter (review pages 552-557 in your textbook).
  3. Don’t forget to use keywords and echo the language used in the job posting in your letter.
  4. Visit the company website to gather information so you can show some knowledge about
    the company and position in your letter.
  5. At the end of your application letter, begin a new page (press Ctrl-Enter to begin a new
    page) and paste a copy of the job posting you used for your résumé and this assignment.