To discuss our PowerPoint ‘Emotion Norms: Gendered/Transgendered and Sexuality’ and Chapter 2 Emotion Norms to increase our understanding and knowledge of content related to cultural emotions.


To discern how emotion norms are used to guide and set boundaries for certain types of emotions displays.

Discussion Questions

  • Discuss and define emotions norms? What is direct and indirect socialization? 
  • Discuss what you understand.
  • Describe a situation where you learned how to behave in certain environments like at family meals/gatherings, school, church etc.? How does this experience relate to the early stages of emotion norms?
  • Ask questions about what you don’t understand.
  • Discuss how emotions norms are used to challenge people who deviate? Focus on gendered/transgendered and sexuality themes addressed in the powerpoint.
  • Wherever possible discuss how the content in the powerpoint and reading is related to a possible topic for your statement of the problem content analysis research