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1. Introduction: (400 words)
a) Explain the term Biometrics and Authentication along-with the various type of applications of Biometrics and Authentication used today.
b) Explain how Biometrics and Authentication can improve business processes and performance.
2. Background: (400 words)
a) Discuss the historical development of the Biometrics and Authentication along with its advantages for the organisations.
b) Compare the business environment before and after the implementation of Biometrics and Authentication.
3. Discussion Section. Based on the recommended Biometrics and Authentication applications answer the following: (400 words)
a) Identify and explain the functions of software applications using in business related to the Biometrics and Authentication.
b) Does the system require some specific hardware to implement it? Discuss the key functions of the additional IT hardware requirements. If your answer is no, justify the reason.
4. Recommendations: (200 words)
a) Provide a secure computing environment that ensures data privacy and integrity which mitigates cyber-security threats.
5. Include report summary: (400 words)
a) Discuss the role of Biometrics and Authentication in the economy of Oman.
b) Discuss the possible effect of the use of Biometrics and Authentication on Omani society.
6. Conclusion:
a) Conclusion indicating that the report objectives have been met. (200 words)