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1. Visit the LinkedIn and select a job posting of your interest. (anything to do with HR)

2. Compose a persuasive, thoughtful one-page cover letter targeted to the job posting you selected. It is recommended that your cover letter highlight a few relevant elements from your resume and should be in the business format as outlined in your text. 

3. Create a one to two-page resume appropriate for the job you selected. When creating this resume, think of its appearance and job information included. Determine whether the document you have created represents you at your best. Be sure to leverage proper resume formatting. 

4. Use a career planning process that leverages a self-assessment, personal development activities, and a career portfolio as a guide to formulate your resume. Be sure to highlight transferable skills.

5. As a reminder, strong actions verbs should be utilized but use caution as to not overuse.  *Note: DO NOT use the resume templates found in Microsoft Word.