1-year macrocycle strength and conditioning program utilizing the

Overview of Student Learning Outcomes Student Learning Outcomes are as follows: Student Learning Outcome #1: Develop a strength and conditioning program for your partner. You are required to complete a qualitative and quantitative analysis of a subject and create a 1-year macrocycle strength and conditioning program utilizing the following Periodization models: Resistance training, Plyometric training, Speed and agility training, and Aerobic endurance (Reference ch19). Measure: Students will:

(1) Identify a student-athlete from an off-season sport and have the student-athlete approved by Dr. Robinson.

(2) Measure and log resting anthropometrics, measure and log 1-RM strength of ALL Exercises From Your Needs Assessment, measure and log baseline anaerobic and aerobic cardiovascular endurance, measure and log flexibility.

(3) Research the muscular, cardiovascular, and flexibility requirements of the athlete based on their position.


Write a 20 page essay utilizing the following headings: Introduction, Literature review, Resting Measures, 1- year Periodization model, Instruction to athlete (reasoning for the exercises you choose), Works cited, and Appendix (where the tables go-Reference off-season table on pg. 517-521. Appendix is NOT included in the page count). 20 minimum citations are required. Please follow the paper rubric provided on Blackboard. Use Purdue Owl website for APA help often. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/ (3) Video yourself measuring and observing, evaluating, and instructing the athlete from the sport you choose (video should follow paper content. Video will be turned in to Dr. Robinson on a jump drive provided by you and the video should be labeled as yourname_Strength2018) or load your video to YouTube and send me the link. Please make sure your YouTube page is public. Achievement Target 1: 100% of students will complete the above Measure

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