5 Pages 

1). Should the distinction between “normal” and “abnormal” be considered absolute or on a      continuum for children? Support your position with at least two examples.  

Find and read sources that relate to the main idea of your chosen prompt 

Chose a main idea to follow based on your chosen prompt 

 take a stance on the prompt and defend your position using the  at least 3 additional sources (e.g., journal articles, book chapters, newspaper, magazine, blog post 

Introduction: Introduce your idea and outline three reasons why you took that  stance  

Body: provide at least three supporting ideas on your position that are  supported by content, text, and at least 3 additional sources.  

Conclusion: Restate your position and discuss impact of the evidence you have selected.  

Organize using the following headings: (1) Introduction, (2) Support, and  (3) Conclusion 

 12-point font and 1-inch margins Double Spaced 

List Sources in APA