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A CEO is critical to the smooth and efficient operation of a health care organization. The CEO scans the external environment, integrates the strategic plan with the operations, directs business practices, oversees the development of high-quality care, assures cost-effective strategies, and integrates clinical programs in the organization.
In this assignment, research the responsibilities of the CEO or administrator in a health care setting of your choice, for instance, your current or future employer. Then you will create a video presentation on three ideas that a CEO could apply to make a health care setting a great place to work. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation and screencast video with web camera on. For tips on making a professional video, review the Filming a Video that Demonstrates Professionalism
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In the CEO For a Day Assignment,
Reflect on three ways that the CEO could lead the company towards positive change processes.
Create a PowerPoint presentation that covers each of the three ideas on how to transform your chosen health care organization (e.g., XYZ Health to be a great place to work).
Justify the rationale behind your ideas.
Create a 3 to 5-minute screencast video titled “If I were the CEO of XYZ Health for A Day.”
Produce a screencast presentation that is professional in appearance.