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A famous social and political commentator is scheduled to speak at your university. She is well known for her controversial social, political and religious opinions. There is a rumor that the university is considering withdrawing the invitation to the speaker. Some students and student organizations are very upset, Both the students who support the speaker and the students who oppose the speaker seek your advice.
Entry to the speaking event is limited to students and is by advance ticket purchase only. No umbrellas, backpacks or dangerous items are allowed.
A third group of students plans on demonstrating and picketing against the speaker. They have prepared signs that they show you. Some of the signs are profane, other signs are obscene. During the speaking event students from the group hold up extremely offensive signs that can be seen by the speaker and the audience at the event. The chanting of the protesters is loud enough that some of the attendees have difficulty hearing the speaker.
A fourth group of students breaks off from the protesting group and approaches the venue and the stage where the speaker is speaking carrying signs on wooden sticks. The university police immediately detain and identify the student protesters as they enter the venue and refer them for university discipline. During the confrontation with the university police a police officer and a student member of the audience suffer mild cuts and abrasions from a sign carried by a protester.
Please advise the university, the speaker, each of the student groups, the police, the injured student and the students who have been referred for discipline.
Please cite any case or other law you have studied that would be relevant to your advice.