A Novel treatment for epidermolysis bullosa

Choosing one of the essay topics below, design a drug to treat (or manage) a biochemical disorder/disease. Your essay should introduce the disorder/disease and include details regarding the proposed biochemical/pharmacological mechanisms and actions of your novel drug, and how you might test this in a typical research environment before trialling it on humans.

You are expected to research experimental methods by taking information provided within lectures (where relevant) and read peer reviewed scientific research papers.

Essay Topics

1. Targeting the complement system for the treatment of IgA nephropathy.

2. Novel approach to control and/or treat male and female pattern baldness.

3. Novel pharmacological approach to treating obesity.

4. Electroceuticals for EITHER epilepsy, migraine, or narcolepsy.

5. A Novel treatment for epidermolysis bullosa

Learning Outcomes

1) Critically appreciate the concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and apply these concepts to pharmacological activity of different drugs on the body.

2) Appreciate how impaired biochemical pathways can lead to disease and critically evaluate the role of clinical biochemistry in diagnosis and disease management

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