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A working bibliography is simply a formatted list of the sources youve researched so far. You may need to find more, but I want to make sure you have a good reference, popular (journalism), academic, and any other sources you need.
Please take the sources you have so far–from your Pew and CQ Researcher surveys, reference source comparison, reputable and disreputable or opinion-based comparison, and academic article precís–and format them according to the citation style youll use for your major.
For your final paper, you will need to find three academic sources and list them in your references.
You should try and use at least two of the academic sources in your final draft.
For this assignment list ten sources in the proper APA/MLA/CMS format depending on your major.*
*If youre majoring in the Humanities, Business or Fine Arts use MLA, if youre Film and Digital Media or History use CMS, everyone else should use APA style for your papers.
The APA guide for References:
Guide for MLA Works Cited: Link
Guide for Chicago Manual Style Bibliography:
Link to .pdf of Citation Style Chart, comparison of APA, CMS & MLA styles.