African American population in San Francisco, CA

This paper should be based on the African American population in San Francisco, CA

Develop a 5–7-page proposal for a wellness education program for a specific population. Integrate aspects of culture, CAM and spirituality, and linguistics into the program. Explain how to market the program to the population, and explain the ethical, legal, and economic factors that can affect the health of the population.


Your team has succeeded in demonstrating the need for a health promotion and disease prevention initiative for the population identified by your Windshield Survey assessment. Now you need to develop a proposal for a wellness education program that will help bridge the gaps in health care service delivery.

Use the Internet to find scholarly and professional resources that will help you propose a wellness education program for the health concern of your population. Find at least four resources to use in this assessment. You may also want to review the previous assessments you completed in this course.


Based on your Windshield Survey and Organizational Evaluation assessments, complete the following:

Design an evidence-based wellness program to address the primary health concern of the population that integrates: 

Cultural considerations: Will you need to consult with someone from the population on how to approach the delivery of your program?

CAM, traditional medicine, holistic health, and spirituality considerations.

Linguistic considerations: Will you need interpreters or translators for either written or oral presentations?

Educational considerations: What will be the best way to educate the population?

Describe how you will market or advertise the wellness program. 

What are the benefits the program offers the population?

Will you need incentives to ensure participation and completion of the program?

Explain the ethical, legal, and economic factors that impact the health and wellness of the population. For example: 

The ethical considerations (such as justice, non-malfeasance, and duty) that can affect preventative care and health promotion.

Local laws, federal laws, and the Affordable Health Care Act that can affect preventative care and health promotion.

The potential economic impact of clinical prevention and health promotion related to health disparities of your population.

The format for this assessment should be a professional proposal. If possible, ask about the format used for proposals in your organization and follow that. Follow APA formatting for your in-text citations and references.

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