African American Racial Profiling and Stereotyping

Required Materials will be uploaded. Synthesis means to combine different elements to make a whole. In the case of the literature, it means connecting various sources by topic to inform your paper. This assignment is a prelude to the proposed research proposal you will prepare. The idea of a matrix synthesizing selected literature is to assist you in writing Part 1A & B of the research proposal. Part 1A comprises the Statement of the Problem and Part1B comprises the Literature Review section. a. Using library resources, select a research topic (ideally with reference to a population-at-risk). When selecting your research topic, be certain it is a topic in which you are interested. EBSCO is a good database to use. There are also others found in Saint Leo University Library. b. Locate eight (8) research articles on the topic you selected. At least 5 should be empirical articles. Only articles published in professional journals or other professional sources, i.e. governmental statistics, can be used. The purpose of this requirement is to allow you to become more familiar with the professional literature. If you have any questions about the publication, please ask the instructor. Tip: For updated statistical data for use in the statement of the problem section, use up-to-date governmental information, not information in articles. This counts as one source. Examples of professional social work journals include: Social Work, Social Work with Groups, Social Work Research, Social Work in Health Care, Social Work in Education, Journal of Family Social Work, Journal of Aging Studies, Journal of Black Studies, Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, Employee Assistance Quarterly, etc. c. Create a table with important information from the articles you have found on the topic you selected (use sample table below). This will include author name & year of publication; research design, sample, measurements and fields relating to main ideas and research findings. Refer to Chapter 4 in Open access textbook for other samples

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