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After you have completed your self-inventory, find a job (advertised or not) with a company that aligns with your interests, skills, needs, and values. Write a one-page cover letter that will grab your reader’s attention in a professional manner and that demonstrates how you and the company are a good match, both in terms of hard and soft skills and values. The cover letter should follow the formatting example covered in class (basic business letter). The letter should:
uf06e capture and sustain reader interest,
uf06e explain your motivation for working for that particular organization (what’s special about the organization or company),
uf06e demonstrate what you can bring to the company (not what the company can do for you),
uf06e present your unique and relevant qualifications and characteristics,
uf06e show, through examples, the characteristics about yourself you would like the reader to know, and
uf06e Do all of the above in a concise manner.
Be sure to:
• Match the organization with your needs in the self-inventory.
• Research the organization (their goals, values, and business model) of the organization you choose so that you understand what they search for and expect to see in applicants. GlassDoor, Indeed, and the Mergent Online library database can all help you with this.
• See if you have any contacts at the organization.