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reviewing pages 199-205, Section IV PowerPoints and John Olivers clip on native advertising, answer the following in about 500 words:
Native Advertising
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How do you explain for the rise in native advertising?
Why is it so contested?
How will it change the landscape of competition for ad space?
What additional benefits will it provide brands seeking to boost their audiences?
What additional challenges might small businesses face beyond that discussed for brands?
Refer to articles on Pinterest if further background is needed.
Grading Rubric
Demonstrates conceptual understanding of native in the context of content marketing
Understands drivers of native advertising trends
Clearly distinguishes native from traditional advertising
Provides adequate rationale on why native ads will grow over time
Understands audience issues associated with native advertising
Understands ethical issues associated with native advertising
Understands challenges faced by publishers and advertisers
Understands additional benefits provided to brands seeking to boost their audiences
Understands additional challenges faced by small businesses beyond that discussed for brands
Provides a comprehensive and well written response to the essay question