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Analyze and critique the theory and practice of the politics and governments of the United States.
Having read George Orwells Animal Farm use no less than three tools of analysis to formulate a paper that demonstrates your understanding of the material.
Course materials can be used. Handouts such as Fukuyama, Political Spectrum, (Ferris), and Clausewitz are especially useful.
On the tools of analysis page there are links for outside information including links for recommended news sources to include current events.
We also reviewed Voting, Historical Documents, The Constitution, and Current Events.
Can you compare any of these?
Use any three types of analysis you want
Feel free to reuse your summaries and analysis from previous essays and current events, but reword to avoid plagiarism.
The paper might look like: Summarize a theme/chapters or characters from the book.
Apply the summary to the Administration, compare with Fukuyama, and use the Political Spectrum to explain ideology