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Annotated Bibliography Assignment:
Once you have identified your personal time management efficiency you will begin to research and complete an Annotated Bibliography. For example, if I identified myself as a procrastinator, then I would conduct research how I can overcome procrastination.
Another example might be researching
how time management can reduce stress or anxiety?
These are only examples, so please free to connect your strategies according to your time management efficiency.
You must select, read, and review 10 scholarly articles on your personal learning style. The articles must be peer reviewed journal articles from either Welder Library Eresources or Google Scholar.
Articles from dot coms or dot org websites will not be accepted.
Provide an annotated bibliography properly formatted in APA that addresses the following for each article.
Article is peer-reviewed and credible and comes from Google Scholar
An annotated bibliography should avoid first person and be completed using APA format and include:
The purpose of the study
The findings of the study
The relevance of the study to the student’s scholarly interests
Has to go with time management, overthinking, anxiety (for school, work)