Annotated Bibliography • Next, students should develop of 800 words,

 Annotated Bibliography

• Next, students should develop of 800 words, +/- 10%. It should be 

using at least 3 sources previously evaluated as useful and relevant in 

Annotated Bibliography. This should and discuss the 

contemporary best practices in a selected area of hospitality operational 


o Introduction: To state the topic (50-100 words)

o Brief Literature Review (500-700 words): 

§ First, provide the definition of selected area of operations 


§ Second, identify one contemporary best practice in the selected 

area operations management by reviewing theoretical and 

applied research literature. and describe briefly in the context of 

hospitality business.

§ Third, critically analyse it by using information about this practice 

from different relevant sources of literature to demonstrate its 


o Future Research on Emergent Trends:

§ This section should include a reflection about a major 

contemporary challenge or trend (100-150 words).

§ It should be supported by the literature analysis or in-depth 

analysis of current issues in recent publications on global 

hospitality and tourism industry. 

§ It is recommended to search for applied research published less 

than 5 years ago, hospitality and tourism news, and business 

press releases. 

§ To identify trends in a selected area of operational management, 

it is recommended to use publications discussing operational 

management in the light of following perspectives: 

• Performance across operational business outlets 

(Rooms, Food and Beverage, SPA, Event 

Management; Product and Service Mix; Other)

• Business Development

11• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Branding

• Disruptor Evolution (Air B&B, Other)

• International Tourism Trends

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