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Annual Report II: 6.
The name of the company.(1 point)7.
The ticker symbol and closing stock price of the company’s stock as of February 18, 2020.
Look at the Statement of Stockholders’ Equity or the Statement of Cash Flows.
Were dividends issued? (Yes or No and the total amount.) 4 points)8.
Looking at the notes of the financial statements, summarize the following policies:
(6 points)A.
Revenue recognition B.
Inventory C.
Property, plant and equipment 9.
Identify the following for the last two years: Revenues Expenses Income from OperationsNet IncomePerform a horizontal analysis (Chapter 13) on the above information. (4 points)10.
Looking at the Statement of Cash Flows, identify the following information for the last TWO years:A.
Largest Use of cash from Investing activities and amounts. These will be negative amounts.
The amount and description. (2 points)B.
Largest Source of Cash from Financing activities and amounts. These will be positive amounts. The amount and description. (2 points)11.
Get an article dated 2020 that mentions your company – not a press release.
This article can be about anything not just financial information – it just needs to mention your company.
Print it out and include it in your report.
Summarize it briefly in your own words.
The company is called TJX company has to be done on TJMAX company
Example on how to do it:
6. The name of the company. TJX Companies
7. Ticket symbol…… Answer……….etc
8. ETC
9. ETC
Screenshot on where you found and located the answers Use Gyazo to screenshot