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Another method of tracking/organizing your research is using an Annotated Bibliography.
An annotated bibliography is one of the most important tools in conducting research. It is a list of sources on a particular topic that includes a brief summary of the article in your own words (not copying the abstract) and the connection that supports your paper.
In module 3 you will be tasked with writing a paper on time management (directions below). The paper will be required to be supported by research instead of your opinion. For this assignment, first you must identify your time management.
Here is a link to an assessment that will give you a free snapshot and graph with a summary evaluation (no need to purchase the full results):
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Module 03: Time Management Paper
To gain a better understanding of yourself as a learner and maximize your potential for developing strategies for time management, you need to evaluate the way you prefer to learn and process information.
Utilizing information from your Annotated Bibliography, write a 3 page time management reflection paper that addressed the following statements/questions-
1. Briefly explain your time management efficiency.
According to research on time management how can you reach or maintain your optimum level of time management? What are the challenges?
2. What strategies/techniques assist with you with time management through the graduate program?
3. How does the online learning platform impact your time management? How will you overcome some the challenges related to the online world?
Remember, this is not an opinion-based paper on your thoughts, rather it is a paper supported by the research.
The purpose of this paper is to ascertain your ability to write scholarly and cite peer reviewed sources.
APA 7th edition is required
Additional research is required from peer reviewed sources using Welder Library E-Resources or Google Scholar
Utilizing 5 of your 10 sources from your Annotated Bibliography is required.
Paper should include a title page and reference page (not part of the 3 pages of content required for the paper)
Annotated Bibliography Assignment:
Once you have identified your personal time management efficiency you will begin to research and complete an Annotated Bibliography. For example, if I identified myself as a procrastinator, then I would conduct research how I can overcome procrastination.
Another example might be researching
how time management can reduce stress or anxiety?
These are only examples, so please free to connect your strategies according to your time management efficiency.
You must select, read, and review 10 scholarly articles on your personal learning style. The articles must be peer reviewed journal articles from either Welder Library Eresources or Google Scholar.
Articles from dot coms or dot org websites will not be accepted.
Provide an annotated bibliography properly formatted in APA that addresses the following for each article.
An annotated bibliography should avoid first person and be completed using APA format and include:
The purpose of the study
The findings of the study
The relevance of the study to the student’s scholarly interests