Answer the following questions based on the attached text book and articles. If additional information is required other than the attached articles, please use only outside scholarly peer reviewed journal articles. Strictly no plagiarism and answer should be in own words. APA must


Question I – What industries do you think may offer the best U.S. (or domestic) job opportunities in the future? Which industries do you think may offer the greatest job opportunities in the global market in the future? Use the PESTEL framework and the five forces model to think through a logical set of reasons that some fields will have higher job growth trends than others. 

Question II – How do the five competitive forces in Porter’s five forces model affect the average profitability of the industry? For example, in what way might weak forces increase industry profits, and in what way do strong forces reduce industry profits? Identify an industry in which many of the competitors seem to be having financial performance problems. Which of the five forces seem to be strongest?