Answer the questions based on what you are learning in


  1. Answer the questions based on what you are learning in this course!
    • You are required to explain your answers in detail, using your reports and knowledge about nutrition to support your answer.
    • Unacceptable responses: “it’s junk/fast/processed food”, “it’s full of nutrients, ”“it’s healthier”, “it’s better”, “I think my diet is healthy”, “I don’t like my diet”, or “my diet is horrible.” These will NOT earn you credit if you don’t explain why. 
  2. Fill in the tables and answer the questions in the DP#2 packet based on the data from your Cronometer reports from Diet Project Part 1.
  3. You will need to refer to both the Trends and Servings reports that you submitted for Diet Project Part 1.
  4. Type your answers to DP#2 in a different color. Try your best to be mindful of the formatting and not change it too much if you can, that will really help me out when it comes to grading.
    • If I can’t read an answer, it will earn 0 points
  5. Then, save your document and submit it here on Canvas.

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