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The nurse administrator is an advanced practice role in nursing, and as such has very distinctive competencies. In addition to basic administrative skills, there are advanced administrative skills that can be acquired in this role:

  • Gathering information from current literature (your choice), and/or the American Organization of Nurse Executive Competencies, and/or the American Nurses Credentialing Center outline of competencies for nurse managers, compare and contrast the differences between the role of nurse manager, nurse administrator, and nurse executive. Please provide references to the sources that you choose to use.

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Chapter 5 Communicating Wellness

Go to the USDA Food Guide or the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Center webpage and review the guidelines for diets recommended for general public, elderly, children, and diabetic patients. Compare the guidelines.  List ways they are alike and ways they are different.  Did you find anything new or interesting from the sides?   How does your usual diet compare to the recommended.  (I know I strive to follow the guidelines but drinking diet soda instead of water and eating chocolate and other sweets gets in the way).