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Each Q. separate document!!!
Answer the following questions. AND READ/ ANSWER EACH QUESTIONS CAREFULLY!!!!
After completing Ch 5 & Ch 6 (PDF Below)
and viewing the presentations 5-2r1, 5-2r2 (PDF BELOW), address the topic/question below. The words “describe,” “define,” or “explain” will require you to add enough detail to your answer to clearly demonstrate an understanding of the construct (Use your own words!!! Do not copy from the text.). Use details and terms from the chapter to support your answer. Also, keep in mind that simply using a word in a sentence does not demonstrate an understanding; using it in context does. For example, saying that
children should have access to divergent materials
does not show me that you know what is meant by the term divergent. Rather saying something such as the following does show an understanding of the term:
Children should have access to divergent materials, such as ______, as they allow the child to explore the multiple ways the materials can be used.
This use of the word divergent clearly indicates an understanding of the term. Be sure your definitions and descriptions are demonstrative of this level of awareness.
Read the following below to answer the following question.
1. Chapter 5 & Chapter 6 (PDF Below)
2. Presentations 5-2r1 Curriculum and Individuality &
5-2r2 Myself and Others (PDF Below)

(NO WORK CITED PAGE) Exactly 250 words
Select one of the main topics of chapter 5 (ex. culture, special needs) and explain at least 3 ways you can plan for an inclusive and sensitive curriculum.
These might be specific things you would include in the program, aspects that you would be conscientious to or of, activities you would plan, etc.
Tips: Be sure to…
remember to use your own words
remember the word “explain” requires details, examples, or other further information to demonstrate an understanding
organize your work clearly so it is easy to identify each of the 3 methods you address
keep your work consistent with the course material refer to the rubric for grading information
(NO WORK CITED PAGE) Exactly 250 words
Describe 2 activities you could incorporate into the curriculum based on the topics in chapter 6 (curriculum areas – physical activity, health and general safety, social-emotional health). Explain factors you are taking into consideration and why or how this activity is beneficial to children.
You may only do ONE activity PER TOPIC (as in, they cannot both pertain to physical activity). Your additional considerations (sentence 2 of each topic) should be specific to each activity/curriculum area.
Tips: Be sure to…
give enough details in your activities so that your classmates could replicate the activity
organize your work clearly so it is easy to identify each activity and topic area
keep your work consistent with the course material – your activities should be different from any listed in the materials, but your considerations for what factors you took into account and the benefits should come from the reading and presentation
you need different activities than what are given in the course material, but they can be on the same general theme. For example, you can plan an activity on fire safety even though it is discussed in the presentation as long as your activity is different from the ones presented.