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Application of Graph Theory
The famous Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707–1783) started working in the area of graph theory in 1736. He successfully used graph theory to solve the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg problem.
Since then, others have used graph theory to solve problems in multiple fields, including the Chinese Postman Problem, DNA fragment assembly, and aircraft scheduling. In chemistry, researchers are using graph theory to study molecules, atoms, and the construction of bonds. Likewise, in biology, scientists are using graph theory to study breeding patterns and to track the spread of disease.
In this assignment, you will analyze how graph theory is being used to solve real world problems in your area of specialization.
Specifically, you will write a 3–5
page paper in which you:
Analyze how two applications of graph theory are being used within your area of specialization.
Explain how graph theory has advanced knowledge and practice within your specialization.
Determine how you personally will apply graph theory in your specialization.