Article Summary Topic is: Discrimination against African Americans PLEASE MAKE


Article Summary

Topic is: Discrimination against African Americans PLEASE MAKE SURE EACH SECTIONS IS FILLED IN AND LABELS 

NSTRUCTIONS: Eloquently explains how the research exemplifies nonexperimental research and identifies the specific non-experimental design.

LENGTH (these are just guidelines): 1 paragraph

TIPS: One way to find a non-experimental study is to include the search term “non-experimental” or “nonexperimental” with your variables of interest (you can try with and without the hyphen, as there is variation with how people . Make sure to directly state the specific non-experimental design as well. Some specific types of non-experimental designs are as follows (please note, this list is not inclusive): a) correlation and regression, b) survey research, c) cross-sectional, and d) longitudinal.

Threats to Validity

INSTRUCTIONS: Eloquently analyzes the aspects of the research that enabled the researcher to draw conclusions about the results, including a description of the threats to validity that are particularly relevant to this study, and a discussion of what the researcher did to reduce these threats.

LENGTH: 1-2 paragraphs

TIPS: Make sure to touch on the characteristics that make a study a non-experimental study. Keep in mind that a non-experimental does not have manipulation of the independent variable. Make sure to clearly state at least two threats to validity that are relevant to this article (specifying whether you are referring to internal or external validity). 

Design Elements and the Researchers’ Conclusion

INSTRUCTIONS: Eloquently explains how various design elements affected the researcher’s conclusions.

LENGTH: 1 paragraph

TIPS: First, explain the main conclusions drawn (the final results). This should be brief, and you should only highlight the main findings (hint: the main findings are often listed in the abstract). Next, in 1-2 sentences explain how the non-experimental design was used to inform the researcher’s conclusions by focusing on elements of the non-experimental design (e.g., no manipulation of the independent variable). 

Article’s Contribution to the Dissertation

INSTRUCTIONS: Eloquently explains how the article contributes to and informs one’s literature review and specialization.

LENGTH: 1 paragraph

TIPS: Make sure to directly state your dissertation topic in this section in addition to explaining how the article relates to your dissertation topic and how it could be used in your literature review. This is a great way to get a head start on your literature review for your dissertation! 



**Starting Spring Quarter of 2021 (Q2), APA 7th edition is required.** I provided a great resource for APA formatting for References section here: 

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