As you wrap up the semester, compare your initial leadership self-assessment to the final assessment. Looking back at the initial form from week 2, add comments on any changes/no changes and growth in each knowledge/skill. Use a different font color for final rates/comments for easy comparison. Submit the form that notes your initial and final rates and the comments.

Then, based on your self rates, select one skill/knowledge area of continuous improvement and plan for growth opportunities. Submit this narrative in the Text Submission. This should be at least one full paragraph (4-5 complete sentences). 


 Self Assessment 60%60 points

All of the knowledge/skill areas show initial/final rates with appropriate comments.

 Development Plan 30%30 points

One knowledge/skill area is clearly identified and an appropriate developmental plan is discussed in detail.


Organization & Mechanics 10%

10 points
Submitted in the submission form, and organized clearly with free of writing errors.