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Assertive behavior is expressing your personal preferences and defending our personal rights while respecting the rights of others. 

In other words, assertive messages balance our rights and needs with the rights and needs of others. Assertiveness is an effective way to establish your independence while continuing to nurture the relationship because your assertive messages teach your partners how to treat you. Pay close attention to the section on assertive messages. Write a one page skit choosing only ONE of the situations below. Be sure to use assertive language.

1. You come back to your apartment, dorm, or house to finish a paper that is due tomorrow, only to find that someone else is using your computer.

2. You work part time at a clothing store. Just as your shift is ending, your manger says to you. “I’d like you to work overtime, if you would.” You have tickets to a concert that starts in an hour.

3. You and your friend made a date to go dancing, an activity you really enjoy. When you meet, your friend says, “I don’t feel like dancing tonight. Let’s go to Joey’s party instead.