Assignment – Construction of Clinical/Practice Question and Literature Requires 8

Assignment — Construction of Clinical/Practice Question and Literature

Requires 8 full pages and 10-12 references within the last 5 years only.



The purpose of this assignment is to state your clinical/practice question and explore the literature pertaining to your clinical/practice problem as you described in your Module 3 Discussion Board . According to Moran et al. (2020) when conducting a literature review, the goal is to obtain a representative sample of the literature which describes the concepts related to the phenomenon of interest and the research results applicable to the clinical/practice question and identify what gaps need to be further researched.  


1.  Please follow the rubric ATTACHED.

2. Your work may  be used to build upon your scholarly project and publishable manuscript—thus it is important that you align your literature review with the topic you have selected (or are considering) for your PICOT question and DNP project. 

3. Length is no more than 8 pages excluding references and title page.

Exemplars—-I am providing 2 exemplars for you to view.  Neither of these are perfect, nor did either earn 100%.  However, each one is excellent.  These exemplars are shared just for you to ‘see’ what your work might ‘look’ like.  Please note that you must write according to APA…this is a format as well as a method for citing and referencing.  In the grading rubric, please also see that 30 points are allotted to the writing at graduate level.  

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