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Assignment Content
Purpose of Assignment
This assignment aims to help students connect the topics learned in the course. They will then apply them to an opportunity at a familiar company. The instructor will consider other business alternatives.
This paper will be updated and amended in Weeks 3 and 4 and presented in Week 5.
This business paper may reflect a company opportunity that could be measured by data collection. This project will not work well using a hypothetical company.
Week 2 Assignment Steps
Use the Business Decision-Making Paper Template.
a. Identify the name and description of the company. Select a company where you work or with which you are very familiar. Give the company name a pseudonym.
b. Describe the opportunity at that company. The opportunity may be a persistent problem. You need to be able to gather and analyze data to help understand the issues better.
c. Why is this business opportunity essential? What could happen if the opportunity is not improved?
Points. Earn 60 points for completing the above three parts.
Submit your business decision-making paper.
Your paper will be reviewed and returned within a day or two. Review the instructors feedback and make necessary revisions in preparation for next week.