Assignment Details

Your individual project for this unit has you working as a consultant explaining cybercrime to interested technology professionals.  

You are a consultant working for LMJ-Ad, Inc. As part of an initiative to make executives more aware of your process and mechanisms used in a digital investigation, you have been asked to prepare a presentation that highlights the evolution of cybercrime with examples of how computer criminals were caught, and how the legal system can be brought into the process in the event that criminal or civil laws apply.

Assignment should address the following in 10-12 slides (MS PowerPoint), using APA to document references, and with the details in the speaker notes:

  1. Title Slide (1 slide)
  2. Topics of Discussion Slide (1 slide; bulletized subjects you will explain in the presentation)
  3. Evolution of Cybercrime detailing 3 types of cybercrime and the need for digital forensics (2-3 slides)
  4. Provide the details in the 3 identified cybercrime types how the criminals were caught with digital forensics (2-3 slides)
  5. How criminal or civil laws apply in digital forensics cases and constrain the investigator (2 slides)
  6. Conclusion slide (1 slide)
  7. APA Reference Slide (1 slide)