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Assignment Purpose: To identify a group of people that fit the Red Cross’s definition of vulnerable , identify their needs, consider different ways in which their living conditions could be changed and to implement one of those ways as a change project clearly defining how the change will be brought about, measured and achieved.
Elements to address by your case study analysis and grading distribution:
1. An analysis of the organisational structure of the Red Cross unit that will implement the project. (25
%) You need to demonstrate the insights you discovered that describes why there is a problem.
2. Assessing the external conditions (25
%) You must identify the external factors that may affect your plan for change
3. Assessing the internal conditions (25
%) You must identify internal factors that may affect your plan for change
4. The role of the Change Agent (25
Since the Change Agent role is crucial, picking the right Change Agents is a critical step. Describe and analyse the characteristics and skill for the suitable change agent for this project
2000 Essay due 20th of June.