Assuming that you have received the necessary funding for the


Assuming that you have received the necessary funding for the research ( Attached the file), the purpose of the research PPT presentation to present your research findings to the company’s manager.

Each student will upload a PowerPoint file . A submission will be graded according to the assignment rubric below:

* PROFESSIONAL SOURCES –  Should Use required sources and 4 or more additional professional sources. 

 *APA –  Should Use in-text citation properly at least once for each source; used References properly without errors; provided proper sources for figures/graphs 

* CONTENT: Business opportunity on Research objectives, methodology, Sampling, Data analysis and interpretation, Business recommendation –  Provided excellent research objectives, methodology, sampling, data analysis and business recommendation, with strong analysis and logical reasoning. 

* POWERPOINT QUALITY  –  Excellent, easy to follow, no errors 

PowerPoint file should have no more than 12 slides: 

1.  Introduction – First and last names only, no student ID number
2.  Background – Product or service
3.  Business Opportunities – Export market
4.  Research Objectives
5.  Methodology – Data collection methods: secondary, primary, quantitative, qualitative, sampling; analysis techniques
6.  Data Analysis 
7.  Data Interpretation 
8.  Business Implications
9.  Conclusion 
10 References – At least 10 reliable sources, using APA style with intext citations

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