Base answers from this video  

1) How is the replication of a bacteria different from a virus?

2) What are the two major strains of Covid 19 and how do they differ
3) What are the portal of entries of Covid -19?
4) What organ systems does Covid-19 typically affect?
5) What specific cell does Covid -19 affect and what function does this cell have.
6) Which leukocytes fight Covid-19 and how do they attack the virus ?
7) What does the term cytokine storm indicate and why is it detrimental to normal physiological function?
8) Define specific immunity and which cells are responsible for it.

9) What is the desired end result of immunity?

10) What specific part of the Covid – 19 virus allows entry into a cell?

11) What is the chemical responsible for inflammation which all WBC secrete?
12) Which cells are responsible for presenting the vaccine information
to an immune cell?
13) Which cell activates both B cells and T cells?