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Begin by reviewing Case 8.1- Macy’s Races Ahead with Mobile Retail Strategies starting on page 265 of Chapter 8. After review the case in detail develop an APA-formatted paper that responds and provides detailed analyses of the following questions:
1. Describe how each of Macy’s mobile retail strategies enhances the in-store shopping experience for customers.
2. What will most customers think about Target’s attempt to make mobile price comparison more difficult?
3. How does Macy’s benefit from the use of location-based apps like Foursquare and Shopkick?
4. Why is it important that Macy’s get customers to “opt-in” to its program before sending promotional text messages?
5. Does Macy’s Backstage Pass Program really add value to the customer, or is it just a “gimmick” with short-term benefits?
6. Traditional retailers spend a considerable amount of money to maintain an inventory of products and provide salespeople to service in-store customers. Explain whether or not the practice of showrooming is unethical. What can retailers do to respond to the showrooming trend?