Catatonia in a patient with Bipolar disorder. Case study

You are required to identify an appropriate case study related to your current practice placement/area of practice. In your essay you will need to: Clearly define and outline the service users physiological presenting condition

1. Critically analyse the Patho-physiological changes that occur during the related illness

2. Analyse how the related anatomy and physiology and how the chosen body system /s are affected.

3. Critically review the signs and symptoms of the chosen condition and explore the possible impact this condition has on other body systems and the service users daily living.

4. Critically evaluate the current and relevant concepts and evidenced-based care, treatment and monitoring that you may give with this condition and provide justification for this.


Please evaluate this in the context of the relevant policy and standards for care. (e.g. Infection Control, Health & Safety, NICE guidelines, NSF’s) And identify any likely issues in meeting these standards. Please see attachment for learning outcomes.

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