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Choose a disease/disorder and discuss its pathology

Pathology addresses four components of disease:

  1. Cause (etiology)
  2. Mechanisms of development (pathogenesis)
  3. Structural alterations of cells (morphologic changes)
  4. The consequences of changes (clinical manifestations)

Focus on how the disease/disorder affects the body’s physiology, and correlate that to what you have learned in class so far.   

Some other things to address (if applicable):

  • Cause/Effect:  What is the cause of the disease or disorder and its effect (anatomical and physiological) on the normal human body?
  • Detection/Technology:  What are some of the most current monitoring technologies to detect or symptoms to diagnose the disease?  Are there any new advances needed or being developed in the area of detection?
  • Treatment/Therapies:  Is there a cure or is the current medical approach just treating symptoms?  What are the risks and side effects associated with traditional treatments or therapies?  Discuss the risks and benefits associated with any experimental or unconventional protocols.
  • Status:  Does the medical profession have the disease or disorder under control?  If not, what is the future projection for advancements in this area?  What quality of life can a person with disease or disorder expect to have?