Choose and read several articles about men and women Infidelity

  1. Interview by talking with someone (or a couple) that has personal experience with Infidelity. That is, the person (or people) you will interview must have dealt with Infidelityin in the context of a marriage or relationship.
  2. Write a brief report about the interview (Who you was interviewed; when and where was the interview conducted; explain a little about the Infidelity; reason for the Infidelity; what happens after the Infidelity; lastly, to what extent are the partners still involved — no more than two pages
  3. Write a research paper on Infidelity. This paper must be no less than four pages, double spacing, 1-inch margins, 12 point -Times Roman. Remember to include APA citations in the body of the paper and a references sheet.
  4. Information to be included in the Research Paper –
  • What Constitutes Infidelity?
  • Parental Infidelity and Children’s experience
  • Relationship and Infidelity
  • Mending the relationship after Infidelity
  • Emotional versus Physical Infidelity
  • How are males and females different when it comes to Infidelity
  • Resolving issues after Infidelity
  1. Copy and paste the brief interview report to the beginning of your research paper. Make sure to label both sections -The Interview and The Research Paper.
  2. Total assignment should be about 5 to 6 pages included the references