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200-300 words, 2 nursing journal references within 5 years.


  • Choose one nursing model or conceptual framework that can guide change in practice.
  • Examples such as King’s Conceptual System, Johnson’s Behavioral System, Roy’s Adaptation Model, Newman’s Systems Model, Parse-model of man-living-health-man, and Leininger’s Cultural Care Theory can be considered.
  • Select and explore one peer reviewed research article using the conceptual framework selected for guiding practice and present a summary in this week’s discussion.
  • Explain why the select conceptual framework best fit the practice change.


Max Points: 8.0


Find a program (provide a link to the program) which was developed to provide health promotion and education to a specific population. Evaluate this program on its ability to identify with the specific population, on its implementation of effective intervention methods, and on its program planning strategy. This evaluation will be very broad in scope and not as in-depth as your research assignment. Review three peers’ postings, access the program links, and compare your assessment to theirs? What additional insights do you have?