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Choose two assessments to complete from the list below.
The assessments are at the end of chapter(s) 4, 5, and 6 in the Northouse text.
Behavioral Approach
Situational Leadership
Path-Goal Theory
Assignment Objectives:
Write a minimum of 3 pages (introduction through conclusion) addressing the following:
Explain the leadership styles that you selected for your assessments.
Briefly compare and contrast the leadership styles you selected.
Select 2 of the 3:
Leadership Behavior Questionnaire. What do your scores suggest about your leadership style? Are you more likely to lead with an emphasis on task or with an emphasis on relationship? Are there ways to change your behavior to shift the emphasis you give to tasks and relationships?
Situational Leadership: A Brief Questionnaire. How well did you do? What factors might make it harder for you to be more directive as a leader? More supportive?
Path–Goal Leadership Questionnaire. What style do you tend to rely on most? Least?
Paper Requirements:
Your paper is required to be formatted in APA (7th edition).
Write a minimum of 3-page double-spaced, 12 font, and APA formatted paper that addresses the questions above.
Include a title page properly formatted in APA.
You Do NOT need to include an abstract
Make sure to include an Introduction to your paper. Your introduction needs to include a strong preview sentence.
headings in the body of the paper (between the Introduction and Conclusion) that are named based on the content in that section of the paper. For example, your headings could be the trends you identified.
Include a Reference page.
You must include a minimum of three references (textbook and 2 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles from Welder Library E-Resources).
Please refer to the rubric for the grading requirements.

Your submission will go through turnitin. Turnitin evaluates the originality score of your paper. Your turnitin score should be 25
% or less.