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Clients Presentation: Your client can make up whatever they want. They can be as dramatic as they want to be. Have fun with it! Subjective Data (4 points): (Review History questions in power point and on page 534-535 of text.) Objective Data (4 points): Inspection: What is the shape and size of the abdomen? Any masses or pulsations upon inspection? Skin smooth? Striae, scars, lesions? Auscultation: Bowel Sounds Present in all 4 quadrants? Hypoactive, Normoactive, etc. Any bruits upon auscultation? Percussion: Tympany in all 4 quadrants? Palpation: Abdomen soft, firm? Any enlarged organs? Masses? Tenderness? Any other objective data you found important to document? Describe 2 Actual/Potential Risk Factors (2 poin