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Combination Essay—Discover your Element, then Research a Pathway BackgroundOne of the most crucial factors that informs our future career is whether we are in our element, in other words, the melding of our passions with our talents. Sir Ken Robinson takes us through a process of thinking about our own element, ways to better understand our element and discover roadblocks as well as support for finding it within ourselves. AssignmentYou will write a single 7-10 page paper (changed from 2 papers—one 5-page, and one 8-10 page paper [13-15 pp’s total] to make it easier for you during these times).For the first half, you will be asked to apply the concepts from Sir Ken Robinson’s The Element to explain how you have already (or might in the future) discover[ed] your element. For the second half, your research, you will be you looking at a possible career choice that fits your element and explain how you might apply the discovery of your element (or of the concepts you learned) to your major, or your pathway, or your profession. Make sure you showthe way the concepts in the book connect to your element and how you could use that element in a potential career. This will form the basis of your thesis.The body paragraphs should focus on supporting the thesis with the specific ways in which
Make sure that you have a thesis statement that is focused enough to respond to an essay of a 7-10 full pages.