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Consider the following scenario: 

During the second week of your internship, the CIO approaches your team and says, “I need you to prepare a briefing on the process of selecting and acquiring an information system for our health care organization. Include how the goals of our organization and stakeholders affect the selection process. I must have this briefing this week so I can prepare for several meetings I must attend.” 

Prepare a briefing for the CIO in the form of a at least a 500-word paper addressing the three bullet points below. Your response must address all aspects of each question, must include your personal opinions, ideas, or thoughts; and must provide examples in any situation where it is warranted.

·       Explain the process for selecting and acquiring an information system.

****·       Explain how the organization’s goals drive the selection of an information system. (300words)

Explain the roles that each of the organization’s stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process.

only complete the part with ** based off the scenario.