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Copy and paste the following questions in to a Word DocumentShow your math for each question. If no math is shown no credit will be given for those answers.
Please Submit your BMI/BMR Assignment to the following link as a Word Document (or PDF is okay)
BMI/BMR Assignment:
To answer the following questions please utilize the PowerPoints and textbook materials. If you are asked to calculate something in the questions below please show your math or credit will not be awarded for that question.
Calculate your BMI. Show your math.
Do you think BMI is a good representation of someone’s health status? Why or why not.
Describe the term BMR in your own words:
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) accounts for _______
% of someones total calories burned per day ?
Calculate your BMR. Show your math
List 5 factors that can increase your BMR
List and describe (in your own words) the 5 ways discussed in the textbook for measuring body composition.
Determine your EER Show your Math
What is visceral fat? What is its effect on health/chronic disease?
In your own words describe the surgical procedures for weight loss outlined in the textbook