Course 1A what we will do. Free EBook by Mansfield required

Hi, Everyone.

We will mostly do the 4 essays and homework.

It is a good idea to email me your best draft for my comments and extra homework credit
at least 3 days before the due date.

As you get more comfortable with doing the work, you can stop sending early drafts.

I do cross out your lowest grade, and the homework is almost a free A, because
all you have to do is to DO it.

by Stephen Mansfield  This is the required book.
For a free EBook, click the following link:

For info on Winston Churchill, go to: 

•Apr 17, 2016 

Other links:… – Winston Churchill’s Goose – The Art of Leading In Time of Crisis – Stephen Mansfield – Leading With Power 

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Parallel Structure (Parallelism) 

“Before You Learn” Exercise 

Cover the answers below. Then correct the following sentences, to see if you make any errors.  

1. During the summer, Mary went hiking, swimming, and rode her bike. 


2. The production manager was asked to write his report quickly, accurately, and in a detailed manner.  


3. Kareem has a wonderful personality, a kind heart, and he plays sports.   



4. The coach told the players that they should get a lot of sleep, and that they would do some warm-up exercises before the game.  


5. Not only did the salesman expect that he would present his product at the meeting, but that there would be time for him to show his slide presentation, and that questions are asked by prospective buyers.  

6. Sylvia wants a great deal of money, a new car, and will live in Boston. 

7. Please find enclosed: my resume, three letters of recommendation, and I have sent you some  references. 

8. Rather than a clean house, she cleans her garage. 


Zoom reminder Eng 1A with due date and Essay#1 Prompt

Essay Prompts 

You can never use sources like Wikipedia or BrainyQuote, Twitter, study guide sites, or Instagram. They can be your extra sources. Use sources which the professor can count. All sources must be researchable.Always introduce the books and your topic. See EnglishwithMarcielle for ideas and sample student essays. 

Essay #1 Never Give In Analysis
1000 words, MLA Write an essay discussing the ideas in the book and your response to them.  

You must quote from the book, or an article online about Winston Churchill’s struggle, at least once and cite your source. Create a “Works Cited” page.  

It is required that you review what the author says in his book. This will be a review/critique. 

Introduce the author and the book in the first paragraph. The book you are discussing                    must be on the “Works Cited” page. Please number your quotation in pen or pencil in the margin, so professor can easily find it.