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Course Objective(s):
Analyze the major ethical theories in the history of moral philosophy as put forward by philosophers in key ethical texts.
CO2: Apply ethical theories to current issues and real-life scenarios.
For this forum, choose one of the following topics to respond to for your initial post. When you respond to your peers please respond to a
learner who has posted a
contrary view
on the topic you selected and then respond to a
learner who has posted on the topic you
did not
Topic A: Euthanasia
Do you think that voluntariness is morally important in euthanasia decisions? How important do you think that it is? For example, do you think that it is so important that whatever a person requests ought to be done? Explain. Does your conclusion regard the morality or also the legality of euthanasia?
Topic B: Aristotle
Clarify as much as possible Aristotles distinction between practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. Does an understanding of this distinction help account for why persons who know certain habits or behaviors are harmful, still persist in those behaviors?