Create a presentation on your BizCafe journey using any

presentation software (PPT, Zoho, Prisme, Google) and

cover the following topics:-

1. Introduce your BizCafe business. What is unique

about your BizCafe?

2. Outline the following

Pricing strategy

Staffing requirements

Marketing Campaigns

What decisions in BizCafe did you follow to –

Increase Revenue

Increase Profit

Decrease waste

What mistakes you make and how did you improve?How

is your BizCafe performing on weekly decisions till date?


Submit the presentation on turnitin link by naming it

as your BizzCafe Name

Length: minimum 1 slide, maximum 2 slides per


Each presentation should have a cover slide with

college name and logo, name of BizCafe business

and logo, course name, cohort number, student

name and ID, instructor’s name, and submission