Develop Your Own Commercial 

Imagine that you are your own “product”. You have to sell yourself and your potential contributions to prospective employer, or “buyer”. What would you sell? For example, what are some of the strengths you bring to the table?

Next, what action or step can you take to get closer to developing your product?

30-Second Elevator Pitch

Did you know that, in a interview situation, the interviewer usually sizes up the job candidate in 30 seconds or less? And he or she usually has a firm impression of the candidate within a couple of minutes meeting the person. So what does that mean for you? You have to make a strong impression. It is important to develop and practice your pitch or story. If you have only 30 seconds to make a good impression, what does that say about yourself?

On separate sheet of write a rough script for your 30-second pitch. (Practice in front of a mirror if you have some inhibitions about public speaking?) How did that feel? Were you more comfortable the more you practiced? This is a skill that takes time and practice