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Discussion 2
Data is the foundation of all research. Its synthesization, organization, and presentation work in tandem to present a convincing argument.
Read the case study Fraud versus Ethics: The Case of the Backdating of Stock Options and write a synopsis that answers the following questions:
What type of data was used for the research?
How did the author synthesize and organize the data?
What references were used to defend the position?
Were the references used sufficient? Why or why not?
Did the author adequately defend his position with relevant data?
Fully explain your answers and ensure academic references are utilized.
Posting requirements:
The module discussion runs over a 2-week period, from Monday of week 1 through Sunday of week 2, for each module.
Posts made
AFTER the end of the second week of each module will not be included in that module’s participation.
Initial posts
Must be 500-words and supported by evidence of wider reading
Must have sources cited in the text as well as in the end reference list
Must be made by 11:59 pm on the first Sunday of the module
Initial posts made after this deadline will get a 5-point grade deduction
Reply posts
Must be at least 200-words long
Must be made on two separate days – by end of Wednesday Week 2 and end of Sunday Week 2
Must be made by 11:59 pm on the second Sunday of the module.