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Do not forget that every case write-up must start with a short synopsis/overview that very briefly identifies the key issues or dilemmas in the case. 

Case Questions:

1. Does Fiji Water have a clear statement of mission, vision, and core values? If you can find these statements, or similar statements, include them here. Would you consider these statements excellent, adequate, or deficient in some way? Why? Regardless of what you find in your search, do your best to write a mission, vision, and values statement that would be better than the current statements.

2. Conduct a stakeholder analysis using the information from the case and other outside sources. For highest salience stakeholders consider opportunities/threats/cooperative potential, Behavior analysis, Action plans.

3. What factors contributed to the marketing success of Fiji Water?… (Hint: Think back to your marketing class and search for info outside the case.)

4. What does it mean for Fiji Water to go Carbon Negative? Do you think Fiji Water is engaged in Greenwashing? 

5. Are the Fiji government’s concerns about the negative contribution of Fiji Water to the local economy justified? Does the company do enough to improve its relations with the Fiji government and the local community? 

6. Extra Credit: Consider the supplemental data and answer the Bonus questions. (USE the excel and word attachment.)